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Mpaa rated R for olaf halloween costume violence and language. Roger Ebert gave the film two wil wheaton toy soldiers stars out of a possible four, stating that "Since the plot of the movie is utterly predictable, we hope at least for some cleverness in the gimmicks. While the authorities remain helpless, a group of rebellious and mischievous students wil wheaton toy soldiers decide to put their resourcefulness to good use. Yesterday, we heard that.
The catch is that a few times a day, the terrorists demand that every student and faculty member line up in the cafeteria. Toy Soldiers was playing on local station kdoc (which was one of the truly great UHF stations here for my entire.

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In the wil wheaton toy soldiers United States, the Regis High School is a prep school for teenage boys with wealthy and influential parents, half what to wear to a fall wedding of whom have been expelled from other schools. Action When terrorists seize control of a boarding school, a group of troublemaking boys decide.
Plot Keywords: terrorist hostage boarding school trial student, see All (60) taglines: Misfits. But its impossible not to root for the entire cast of degenerate, anti-authority fuck-ups. The most unique aspect of this otherwise formulaic plot is that after the terrorists take over the school, they allow regular courses to keep functioning. Toy Soldiers (1991) Sean, astin and, wil Wheaton in, toy Soldiers (1991) Louis Gossett.
Usually audiences dont wanna root for the rick kids, but these dudes are like the anti-preppies rebelling against authority every chance they get. See falling for you quotes more »"s Dean Parker : Do you think you're the first kid to put liquor in mouthwash bottles? Russell, and the painfully underrated Keith Coogan are our heroes. In, toy Soldiers ( 1991).
They hate that they come from wealthy families, yknow? Terrorists take over a boarding school where most of the students are sons of powerful politicians. Toy Soldiers is a 1991 American action drama film directed rose gold dress by Daniel Petrie,., with a screenplay by Petrie wil wheaton toy soldiers and David Koepp.
Russell Ricardo Montoya (. Furthermore, they rig the campus with heavy firearms and remote-detonated explosives. are two of this films' producers, Mark Burg and Chris Zarpas. It stars Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton.